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HCL have awarded its strategic Centre of Excellence (COE) transforming campus into a State of art technology enabled learning environment which seamlessly empowers admin, pedagogy, learning & collaboration. This strategic COE has the vision of enhancing professional and social skills of each learner through technology empowered learning in campus.

Students of DCTM are bound to undergo rigorous training on leading IT Technologies by HCL professionals. For conducting the training, HCL has installed a language lab which accredited by British Council. The training module covers the salient features as Digital interactive classroom, Learning management system, Campus management system, software language lab, video conferencing based live learning, student technical & professional building, Certificate assessments, FDP, Industry Collaboration, COE Associate transforming the campus for 21″ century. The B.Tech Students of ECE, CSE, AUE & ME Specialization are being supplemented with rigorous training on Linux, DotNet, Advanced Java, CATIA, Solid Works etc by HCL Centre of Excellence.


The 21st century is the age of Communication. Soft Skills play a very vital role in determining the career and the progress thereof. Lack of powerful communication skills may prove detrimental for the career. Hence, one has to be proficient with it. The skills can be enhanced through continuous learning and training programs. The training programs at DCTM have been perfected with a software base, efficiently followed up in the lab. The students are trained on student friendly software where in the students can identify the flaws in communication and work on them, nearing them to perfection. The language lab, thus not only improves the oral Skills of Students, but also enhances their comprehension and listening Skills.


AiCorpS iS a leading organization working in field of Artificial Intelligence developing software applications for systems as well as mobiles based upon daily needs. AiCorpS has established a center of excellence in field of Big Data Analytics which aims at establishing a center which can enable students learn about large chunks of data and establish some business intelligence and convert it into applications of general use. Students are trained in domains of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data over Specialized softwares which are used in projects running under aegis of AiCorps.

AiCorps is currently running a Health Care based project where a complete medical assistance with Artificial Intelligence Doctor will be provided across the globe. In this project , Students are learning how to collect big data and mine some intelligence related to healthcare products which are sold out all over the world. The study requires collection of data from various countries of the world by web crawling and surveying. The lab has Special hardware and equipments which can facilitate the efficient running of this project.

This project has enormous scope for the students as they are getting opportunity to work directly under guidance of famous industrialists. Implementing the theory to practical and understanding the corporate needs in modern ages.


Batliboi is a leading CNC manufacturing vendor in India, has provided modern CNC Lathe Machine along with design softwares and Simulators to nurture and train Automobile and Mechanical Engineering Students in Cutting Edge technology. Students are trained in Product and Tool Designing. Many Students are working on Siemens and FANUC programming skills during their trainings. This resulted wonderful placement in Mechanical and Automobile companies.