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Undergraduate study is academic study after high school and before postgraduate study. Usually students enter undergraduate study at age eighteen although you can apply at a later stage. The most popular qualification at undergraduate level is an honours degree; this is usually the first degree a student will study and is the highest qualification which one can achieve at this level.

  • Regular degree programs in Arts, Science, Commerce, and Social Sciences are three-year programs whereas professional programs in Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy range from four to five-and-a-half years
  • Academic performance is measured on a 10-point scale with 10 implying ‘Outstanding’ and 4 implying ‘Pass’
  • Individual semester average is referred to as SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average) while the average of all the semester grades is referred to as CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average)
  • A credit system based on majors and minors is slowly gaining popularity with the required credits for course completion ranging from 120 to 140
  • Undecided major is not allowed
  • Minimum 75% attendance is mandatory for most universities

Types of Undergraduate qualification

A bachelor’s degree is the most common undergraduate degree. The different honour’s degrees are Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), Bachelor of Computer Science (BCA), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) depending on the subject studied.

 Bachelor of Technology

  • B.Tech is a 4-year UG course that specializations are available such as Computer Applications , Electrical and Electronics, Information Technology, Software, Civil, and Mechanical.


  • BCA is a 3-year UG course that deals with the basics of computer application and software development. 


  • BBA is a 3-year UG course that specializations include Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management of IT, and Management of Global Business.

An undergraduate course lasts just 4 year, 3 years and a student will study a particular course. However, The Technology courses lasts 4 years.

How are undergraduate courses taught & assessed?

Undergraduate courses are usually taught through classes & lectures combined with independent study. Some courses will also incorporate a year or study abroad or a placement in a real company to give you work experience. Undergraduate courses are assessed through assignments such as essays, dissertations, projects, portfolios, presentations and exams.