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Trench is the annual techno-management fest of DCTM, held in November. The fest gives the students an opportunity to test their mettle in the field of management, technology and innovation by rubbing shoulders with their counterparts from other colleges and universities. The fest hosts an array of technical and management events across various departments where in the students compete with one another. Maths Mania, Bridge Making, Hackathon, Treasure Hunt,House Folding, Circuitrix, Robotasavam, Tech drill Interview, Ad-Mad, Channel Surfing, Corporate Roadies, Poster Presentations and many more events keep the students on their toes. The college campus is always brimming with excitement and enthusiasm for the countless events that take place during the festival. With all the departments organizing innovative events that make students scratch their brains and ponder over the intricacies and beauty of science and technology, Trench has become an event which the students look forward to impatiently. It is because of the cumulative efforts by the students that Trench has a participation from 25 colleges/universities. With every passing year Trench has seen an incline in its popularity and reach.
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